Based in the heart of Scotland, with coaches across the UK and Europe, Atticus Hunter provide in-person and virtual services, worldwide.

Cultivating Creativity

Atticus Hunter started as a catalyst for change with the belief that creativity should play a larger part in everyone’s lives. Through our practice, we have seen that people think with more clarity and lead with more authenticity when they activate their creative side.

But I'm not Creative!

You're not alone in thinking that. Far too many people feel stuck with this limiting belief; holding them back from realising their full potential.

Creativity isn't something reserved for designers, painters, and musicians. Everybody starts out creative and has the capacity to be so again - you might just need a hand with unlocking it.

That's where we come in

Whether you're an individual; working in a team or part of a group; we can support you in developing permanent and positive changes that stimulate your creativity and elevate your performance.

"It always seems impossible until it's done"
- Nelson Mandela

What our Clients have to say

"Robb is a trustworthy and reliable sounding board. It is incredibly hard to find people who don't try to taint and shape the world in their own image, and that made his counsel incredibly valuable, in matters both work and personal. He brought a calming zen to our sessions which helped to de-emotionalise it and see it for what it is. It is a rare and invaluable quality.

- Company Director, Scotland

How it works


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Working in partnership with you coach to develop a plan that suits your needs and work towards your goals


Take your actions and learnings and level up to be the creative person you always knew you could be

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