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Based in the heart of Scotland, Atticus Hunter provide in-person and virtual creative coaching, training, and facilitation, worldwide.

We believe in creativity

Atticus Hunter was started as catalyst for change with the belief that creativity should play a larger part in everyone's lives; whether in the creative industries or not.

Through our practice, we have seen that people think with more clarity and lead with more authenticity when they activate their creative side.

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable"

- Walt Disney

We believe in nature

We love getting outside and enjoying everything there is to offer. Even in the rain. There's a reason we're based in Scotland.

The fresh air brings further clarity; and the views inspire. There's also great power in merging metaphorical and natural landscapes together. 

If you're local enough, why not join us for a 'Walk and Talk' coaching session?  

The Coaches

Robb Lockwood

Director, Creativity and Leadership Coach

Louise Chadwick

Executive, Business, and Personal Coach

Rob Hayter

Rob Hayter

Executive and Career Coach

All of our coaches are professionally trained and undertake regular coaching supervision.To make sure you get the best possible support from us, they also receive their own coaching and are committed to continuous professional development. They all hold membership with the International Coaching Federation and abide by their code of ethics.

Lindsey Jackson

Lindsey Jackson

Executive, Professional, and Personal Coach

Cécile Jammers

Cécile Jammers PCC

Executive, Business, and Personal Coach

Kathy Thomson

Kathy Thomson

Executive, Business, and Personal Coach



A FREE, no obligation, call to discuss what you want from coaching and whether we would be a good match 


Working in partnership with your coach to develop a plan that suits your needs and work towards your goals


Taking the actions and learnings from coaching and level up to be the leader you always knew you could be

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Photo by Robb Lockwood


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